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What makes trimless downlights so cool?

A trimless lighting solution is the way to go if you are aiming for a minimalistic design and want to give the overall impression of seamlessness and quality. Trimless downlights are per se the designer’s and the perfectionist’s choice.

Trimless downlights are basically the same as the regular downlight fixtures you know. The only difference is that the frame (or rail) of the downlight is integrated into the ceiling and painted over. This leaves only the internal fittings visible. This is much coveted at hotels, in restaurants, shops or even in private housing, where the light, and not the fixture, plays the dominant role of the design. Trimless downlights will give the designer full liberty of action, as there is no need for compromising the design because of clumsy fixtures and visible frames. Everything will be beautifully integrated – and the integration itself is might actually what makes the trimless downlights so cool. No frames, no rails, and no fittings are visible, which leaves more possibilities with the designer.

At Normasym, we work for the quality of life and light, and we appreciate the trimless downlights as the ultimate way of letting a design speak for itself. We offer a high-quality trimless downlight solution through our NS18 series. Our NS18 series comes as a regular downlight fixture, or as a fixture with flexible tubing that enables you to move the light column. We deliver our trimless downlights with the popular GU10 spot, which means that you will not only get a quality fixture but also get quality light. The GU10 spot ensures you an 80-90 % energy saving from traditional light sources and has a staggering estimated lifetime of 30,000 hours. With the GU10 spot in our NS18 trimless downlight fixture, you will also get a LED that is dimmable and applicable to most light dimmers available on the market right now. The dimmable light in an integrated fixture gives you total control of the atmosphere in the room or area where it is installed. This is also why the trimless downlights are so popular in e.g. restaurants and hotels, as the immediate impression of the design among potential customers, can decide whether they will be actual customers. The trimless downlights with a dimmable GU10 spot will give any restaurant or hotel the ability to impress the clientele through a seamless design and create the right atmosphere at all times. The Normasym-team approves the popularity and coolness of the trimless downlights, and want to offer you the best solution currently on the market: our NS18 series.

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