Business trip to Amsterdam

A new week means a new business trip. This time, Lumega's CEO, Rune Larsen, paid a short visit to the Dutch capital Amsterdam and, to be honest, it went quite well.

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are similar in many ways and for that reason, it has been fairly uncomplicated for Lumega to enter into this market. One of the greatest advantages about the Dutch people is their high English proficiency. According to recent studies, the Netherlands rank as the best non-native English-speaking country in the world, so there are almost no barriers when it comes to language. However, the building sector does not seem to be progressing with the same pace as the Danish, so it might be difficult for us to get a lot of projects in the Netherlands. That is why we will mainly be focusing on renovation projects in Amsterdam.

During this business trip Rune went to five meetings. As always he brought a suitcase with some of our most recent products. This time, Rune brought our popular LED track lighting system NS75. NS75 differs from other products on the market by featuring a magnetic click-on system. Apart from that the beam angle on some of the luminaires can be adjusted. The lighting can therefore be tailored to your exact needs.

On Rune’s YouTube channel the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes you can see many other vlogs from business trips from all over the world. Additionally, Rune often determines the status of Lumega and tells about the company’s rapid development. If you are interested in knowing more about Rune’s trip to Amsterdam, make sure to watch the vlog below: