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CEO of Lumega releases new video blog about being an entrepreneur

27 March 2017

The CEO of Lumega is now launching his new video blog, Entrepreneur behind the scenes, to inspire and guide upcoming entrepreneurs

CEO Rune Larsen founded Lumega in 2013 and is known as a passionate entrepreneur in the industry. Rune Larsen’s passion and experience within the field of entrepreneurship gave him the idea to create a video blog to document the life as an entrepreneur. In the video blog, you follow Rune Larsen through thick and thin in his everyday life. Rune Larsen will continuously throughout the video blog show scenes from the life of an entrepreneur and he will provide good advice and guidance to upcoming entrepreneurs:

“My ambition with the video blog is to give a look behind the scenes of my everyday life as an entrepreneur. This is a unique opportunity for people with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur to gain a brutally honest insight into the way of living and what it really takes to be successful,” says Rune Larsen.

The first episode of Rune Larsen’s video blog, Entrepreneur behind the scenes, is now released.

Visit the Facebook page of Entrepreneur behind the scenes here.