Lumega takes COVID-19 seriously

Dear all customers, suppliers and partners.

We take the clear statement from the authorities about the Corona virus seriously.

We are in an extraordinary situation that has serious consequences for many, therefore we have made an active choice in taking initiatives that will protect employees and customers so that the risk of infection is minimized.

  • Employees work from home to the extent possible.
  • For those in the workplace, we take a number of precautions to protect employees, customers and thus the risk of the virus spreading. The initiatives include: washing hands in agreed cycles, using handgrips and N95 masks when we are together or have customer meetings.
  • Consultants' meetings have either been moved or run over Skype in cases where it makes sense to us and the customer.

For past three years, Lumega has built modern IT systems. The systems help give the Lumega team the freedom to work anywhere. Therefore, as things is right now, we want to inform you that Lumega's business is not suffering any loss. We can experience longer delivery times on air transport, but production is in full operation and only minor delays can occur. We want to encourage our customers to start production in great advance so that the project is not delayed further.
Lumega is monitoring developments closely and will update this statement should the situation change.

Of course, we are still available and always here to help.

Best Regards,
The Lumega Team