Event for children with cancer - Hvidovre Hospital

Many people say; “I want to make a difference” but do we really? Indeed, CEO Rune S. Larsen did. Together with Hvidovre Hospital and other parties he showed up with his KTM to make a difference.

Little Things Matter

One afternoon in June, Hvidovre Hospital had assembled some fast cars and motorcycles to give children with cancer the opportunity to forget the circumstances about their illnesses, just for a brief moment.

Rune drove in the KTM with Bertram, who had been hospitalized for a while. Instead of lying in bed at his room, he literally chose to get up. He radiated a warm joy, a joy we rarely see. We believe that Bertram got an experience he never will forget.

Why Do We Share This Story, Besides It’s A Good Story?

It’s a arrangement we’re proud to be a part of. We believe making a difference for our customers with innovative LED solution. We do it because we’re passionate about what we do. Like this story. Rune didn’t do it because he had to, but because he wanted to make a difference.