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New Design Collaboration

15 August 2023

Lumega Group enters into a collaboration with Tuxen Design. Tuxen Design is a design company led by Marianne Tuxen. Marianne has been the creative force behind numerous design awards and has previously worked on designs for Louis Poulsen and other renowned lighting brands.

The collaboration is established as Lumega Group has a burning desire to produce lighting fixtures with a unique aesthetic. This entails involving product designers, architects, and other individuals with a keen interest in the field of lighting.

Marianne Tuxen is a well-known designer in the industry, and her name is recognized by many. In recent years, she has successfully established collaborations across the field. Her latest collaboration, indeed, is with Lumega.

Regarding the collaboration, Marianne Tuxen describes, “Working with Lumega is bound to be an exciting journey. Although the company is smaller, their development department is incredibly passionate. Their profound interest in LED technology and product design greatly benefits the process. I see a positive approach to product design through Lumega, thanks to their swift execution. In other words, my design will quickly turn out to be a real prototype”.

Rune, the director of Lumega Group, describes the collaboration, “Marianne and I discussed a potential partnership three months ago. I quickly recognized the significant advantage in Marianne’s substantial knowledge of both lighting and design. This greatly streamlines the process for us in the development department. It is with immense pleasure that I announce Tuxen Design and Lumega Group have entered a definitive contract that lays the foundation for our first luminaire design. This luminaire design will open up new possibilities, particularly in residential construction.”

Lumega regularly engages in discussions with new designers and architects for potential future guest designs. This is met with great interest from our company as well as our distributors and agents worldwide. Lumega has access to a variety of manufacturing facilities specializing in glass, aluminum, and various other metal processes. Additionally, we emphasize a wide range of RAL colors. If you are a designer or architect interested in exploring possibilities with Lumega, we have a dedicated development team ready to arrange an initial meeting to discuss the potential opportunities.