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Large conference: Lumega’s CEO gave a presentation on the office of the future

01 June 2017

Lumega’s CEO, Rune Larsen, gave a presentation at the Estate conference on ‘The Office of the Future’. At the conference the topics were on the development, optimization as well as conversion of the offices of today so they can accommodate tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

The focus of the conference was on the development of the office market. Interesting presentations were given on new trends and concepts for example in relation to how the office can be designed optimally.

Runes Larsen contribution at the conference was a presentation on how the optimized office can be financed.

“My ambition by giving this presentation was to inspire everybody who works with the further development of the office market. Because of this, I focused on which opportunities there exist today in relation to financing an optimization of newly built and renovated offices,” says Rune Larsen.

In his presentation, Rune Larsen among other things talked about the composition of sustainable solutions and the opportunities to increase the value of the building with energy savings.

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