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Lecture on Lighting at the Danish Electricity Federation

05 August 2019

Dansk El-forbund often gives its members opportunities to stay up-to-date on various topics related to the electricity industry. Dansk El-forbund hired our CEO, Rune S. Larsen, to held eight theme nights in different cities across Denmark.

Theme night about Lighting

These nights allowed members to immerse themselves in the latest knowledge in lighting. The lecture included general knowledge about lighting and what to pay attention to in specific terms, detailed review of PoE, IoT, dimming and the systems used for the concept, and the LED’s energy efficiency.

Increased demand for LED

We have said it before, but we gladly say it again. Ever since Lumega started its journey, we have had a passion for LED lighting and always will. We’re passionate about expanding people’s knowledge of LED and share the experience we’ve acquired over the last decade. We strive to meet the growing demand and interest of LEDs – also through lectures like these.