LED lighting in Kenya

To be honest, not many people associate Africa with LED lighting. However, the African market has proved to be exceedingly attractive to us at Lumega and for that reason, our CEO, Rune Larsen, visited Kenya last week.

When Rune is away on business trips, he often visits European countries. Apart from that, he frequently visits the United Arab Emirates as well as some of the Asian markets. However, we have never visited Africa, but this trip will definitely not be our last. Several of the African countries have a huge potential, and there seem to be endless opportunities when it comes to LED light.

This time, Rune went to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, for three days. Nairobi is Africa’s fourth largest city with more than four million citizens and in general, Rune was positively surprised of our opportunities in the country. The national motto can be translated to let us all pull together, which was perfectly consistent with Rune’s impression of the country. The Kenyans are very accommodating and are happy to help you. This resulted in nine good meetings with architects and potential distributors. The meetings were booked through the Danish embassy in Kenya, who established the contact and attended our meetings.

As always, the business trip was documented through some of Rune’s lenses, which has resulted in astonishing pictures. Make sure to follow Rune’s vlog, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes, in order to stay tuned.