Lumega examines the Israeli LED market

In 2018, Lumega has paid a visit to Dubai, London, and Frankfurt, among others. This time, we went to Israel to examine our options on the Israeli LED market.

In many ways, Israel is different to other countries and for that reason, it has been particularly important for Lumega's CEO, Rune Larsen, to prepare for this business trip. On the trip, Rune brought along our Sales Representative, Philip, and they had several business meetings to go to.

Rune and Philip learned that the Israeli LED market is tough to enter into. There are a huge number of manufacturers and the competition is ruthless, which squeeze the price down. Furthermore, LED products must have certain Israeli certificates in order to be sold on the LED market in Israel. Finally, it is important to have a huge network, if you want to do business in Israel. Strong connections are important and it may be a crucial factor in relation to the success of your company’s entrance on the market.

As always, the business trip was published through Rune’s vlog, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes. As a new initiative, every vlog will contain a certain area of focus in order to increase the value output of the video. In this episode, Rune and Philip discuss how to make up a strong team. Hear what they believe forms a great team in the vlog below: