Lumega in Hamburg

The CEO of Lumega, Rune Larsen, has been on yet another business trip and as always his schedule was tight. However, he should not travel that far this time, seeing that the terminus was Hamburg a couple of hours south of Denmark.

Rune had five meetings on this cold day in February. He met with some lighting designers and as usual, he brought some of our most recent products. The meetings exceeded all expectations, but just as Rune’s trip to Spain in January, the language was a barrier. Generally, the English proficiency in Germany is high, but if you really want to be successful, you should consider cooperating with an interpreter.

Every single business trip is documented with camera and drone on Rune’s YouTube channel, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes. Hamburg was no exception, and the trip gave us some quality content for the channel. As appears from the vlog on the bottom of this page, Rune does not only talk about the meetings and the development in Lumega. He offers constructive advice for entrepreneurs as well. One advice deals with making vlogs as a CEO. When Rune is going to meetings around the world, he experiences that an increasing amount of new clients and suppliers “know him” in advance due to his vlogs on YouTube. Often, it generates a more casual atmosphere, which potentially can affect the result of the meeting in the end.