Lumega is behind a new LED company for construction sites

It has to be easier for electricians and contractors to illuminate the construction site. For that reason, entrepreneur and LED expert, Rune Søgaard Larsen, has launched Byggepladsbelysning (Construction Site Lighting), which will contribute to a safe working environment with low lighting costs through robust and energy efficient LED luminaires.

The concept is simple and the quality is high. Byggepladsbelysning offers a selection of products, which meet all lighting demands for the construction site and as a matter of course, the selection consists of LED fixtures, exclusively.

Contrary to traditional light sources, LED luminaires stand out by being particularly economic with a low return on investment. Besides, the high lighting quality makes the construction site a much safer workplace.

Byggepladsbelysning is a part of Lumega Group, which is a global LED manufacturer who develops and distributes LED fixtures on the Danish as well as on international markets.

Byggepladsbelysning was launched in May 2018 and it is intended for the Danish market, exclusively. Byggepladsbelysning has been initiated by Lumega's 31-year-old CEO, Rune Søgaard Larsen. Beyond that, the team consist of Lumega's Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Simon Petry Hallenslev, as well as Lumega's Communications Manager, Andreas Bjørk Tousig.