Lumega launches a bid for a great project in Turkey

In the first four months of 2018 the CEO of Lumega, Rune Larsen, travelled to more than 10 countries in terms of business. Since then, he has focused on the Lumega team in Denmark, but now he visited Turkey in connection with a new and exciting project.

In June, Rune travelled to Turkey to place a bid on a great energy-efficient project. He participated in several meetings throughout the country, and Lumega's agent in Turkey, Ahmed, was by his side all the time. Unfortunately, we cannot go further into details with the project, but when we hopefully win it, we promise to share it with you.

As always, Rune documented his trip via his vlog, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes. This time, he finished the vlog with a piece of advice for business people who are about to enter the Turkish market. And, as a matter of course, we would like to share this advice with you.

Based on his experience in Turkey, Rune recommend not to go to business meetings on your own unless you are fluent in Turkish. For that reason, he recommends bringing an agent or a partner who speaks the language.

Apart from that, Rune underlines how important it is to have a strong network when doing business in Turkey. For Lumega it has been crucial to have a distributor in the country, and it has just been an advantage for us that this distributor has connections to some of the country’s politicians.

Please check the video from Runes trip to Turkey below: