Lumega's second business trip to Dubai

The CEO of Lumega, Rune Larsen, has just returned from a week-long business trip to Dubai. This is Rune’s second visit within three months and this time the purpose was to meet with several potential customers and collaborators as well as extend knowledge about the lighting market in Dubai.

Lumega is making rapid progress with an increased focus on new, international markets. In October this year, Rune visited Dubai for the first time and owing to an exceedingly successful business trip, new flight tickets for Dubai were booked instantly.

At one of the first meetings, Rune met with a company, who is in charge of an actual lighting project in Dubai. Prior to the meeting, Lumega had sent an offer of around US$2.5 million on the project. For this reason, it was important to meet the company and to explain Lumega's qualities and why the company should choose to collaborate with us.

Additionally, Rune met with a landscape architect, who is currently working for one of the largest architecture firms in Dubai. The company is drawing what will become the world’s tallest building with a height of more than one kilometre. This firm is solely interested in outdoor lighting, wherefore Lumega's many lighting solutions for outdoor use were discussed at this meeting.

This was just a minor selection of Rune’s meetings in Dubai. If you are interested, you can see more from the business trip and get the impression of what it is like to do business in the United Arab Emirates in the video below from Rune’s private video blog, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes: