30 meetings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

At the beginning of March, Lumega's CEO, Rune Larsen, visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In a few intense days, he went to around 30 meetings with potential distributors, lighting designers and architects and the outcome turned out to be really successful.

As you might have read in our status 2017, the overall aim for Lumega in 2018 is to expand to more international markets. This trip was Rune’s seventh in the new year, and many other business trips have already been scheduled. Lumega is growing at an incredible pace at the moment and for that reason, we are in need of more project managers. However, we are more than satisfied with the situation and we look forward to seeing what the upcoming months will bring.

Rune began this trip in Abu Dhabi and met with some large corporations with great and interesting projects. Especially two of the meetings went well, so this was not our last trip to this emirate. This was Rune’s first business trip to Abu Dhabi, but compared to Dubai, it does not have the same overall potential for our company at least. The construction sector is experiencing fast growth in both emirates, but the growth and the sizes of the projects in Dubai are of a much greater scale.

One thing to mention from Rune’s meetings is our new Onestop solution. Beside our own products, we have added a variety of new products made by other manufacturers to our portfolio. This ensures that we always are able to meet customer needs regardless of the size of the project.

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