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New concept proposal for office lighting

25 August 2023

Admittedly, we got the idea from a consulting engineer who said:

I have a project where I need various types of lighting fixtures, but I don’t have the time to gather information from your website. Having to call every time can also be a challenge in my daily routine. Could you create something similar to this presentation (read one of our competitors)

From here, things got exciting, and we are now consistently generating concept proposals for different areas.

Why concept proposals?

With a PDF, it’s quick and convenient for an architect and consulting engineer to select lighting fixtures. This can save a lot of time. With the guide, it will also provide the advisor with confidence that the chosen fixtures are suitable for the construction project.

Future concept proposals

Without revealing too much, there are 3 more concept proposals in the pipeline, each tied to typical construction cases. This provides inspiration and direct tendering texts, making everything much easier. The next in line is office lighting, which requires several pages on the new intelligent control systems. For those who have been following the newsletter, this might be clear. Lumega is set to introduce a range of the latest advancements in smart lighting in the near future.

Read the latest concept proposal

Office lighting