New products: LED track systems

We have recently added three new products to our portfolio and they have already become a popular choice among our customers. The additions include two different LED track systems as well as an LED spot, which fits our new track systems.

NS75 is one of our two new LED track systems. NS75 consists of a magnetic track as well as LED pendants, LED spots, LED panels or LED downlights, which can be attached to the track. This is the ultimate LED lighting solution, seeing that you have endless opportunities to tailor it to fit your exact needs. With NS75 you can easily move the tracks and rearrange the lighting. In other words, it cannot be easier to install LED lighting.

NS76 is NS75’s little brother and the major difference is the size. NS76 is tinier, wherefore this system is cut to minor lighting tasks as lighting for closets and shelves. Apart from that, a button on the side of the LED spots for NS76 can change the light’s beam angle, which will make both your clothes and jewellery appear as optimal as possible.

NS78 is a tiny LED spot, which can be plugged directly into our new track systems. The luminaire can be installed as a regular LED spot as well. NS78 comes with four different beam angles and has an impressive colour rendering of CRI90 with CRI95 as an option.

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