New products: Exclusive LED downlights

It is important for us always to be able to provide the latest LED technology in order to meet our customers’ demands. Therefore, we recently added a number of new products to our portfolio.

NS20 is our latest addition of functional LED downlights. NS20 comes with an IP classification of IP44, which means that the luminaire is waterproof. For that reason, NS20 is suited for bathrooms, swimming facilities, etc. The luminaire can even be installed outdoor. Moreover, NS20 can be dimmed with most dimmers on the market. In other words, the luminaire is cut out to spa areas, where the right atmosphere is controlled by the lighting. The luminaire’s colour temperature can be adjusted from 2,700K to 5,000K, which should satisfy any possible need. Finally, NS20 comes with an impressing high colour rendering of CRI90.

NS22 is a new series of LED downlights, which can be customized to fit almost any demand. The series comes with three different LED modules as well as eight different frames. Additionally, the luminaire comes with a number of optics that enable you to create the right atmosphere. The LEDs in NS22 have an impressing lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, which is twice the lifespan of a standard LED luminaire. Furthermore, NS22 is delivered with CRI90 or CRI95 with a colour temperature between 2,700K and 5,000K. As standard, NS22 comes with IP20, but this can be upgraded to IP44 if needed. In that case, the luminaire can be installed in bathrooms, among others.

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