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3 new products from Normasym

23 October 2017

In Normasym we always want to be a frontrunner in terms of the technological development within LED lighting. Thus, we continuously expand our product portfolio by new, innovative LED solutions.

In this month, we are launching 3 new LED models: NS23, NS58, and NS77. Even though the 3 models are developed with different application focuses, what all these models have in common is an exclusive design and the newest technology. This ensures that you get highly efficient and energy saving quality LED solutions to your lighting project.

NS23 and NS58 – LED tubes for replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes

NS23 is an LED tube developed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes, which are both inefficient in terms of energy consumption as well as time demanding in terms of maintenance. NS23 has the highest energy efficiency in Europe with 142lm/W, which saves up to 75 % in energy consumption. You can read more about NS23 here.

NS58 is a pendant linear LED luminaire which is also developed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. What is characteristic about NS58 is the models exceptional lighting quality and indestructible functionality that among other things are ensured by proof of short circuits, over currents and overvoltage. You can read more about NS58 here.

NS77 – all-around LED spot

NS77 has a superior lighting ability which means this model has a fantastic lighting quality with a comfortable color temperature at 3000 K. NS77 can be applied at countless locations and it is developed in a flexible design which enables the lamp’s head to turn 355 degrees as well as tilt 86 degrees. You can read more about NS77 here.