New products: LED floodlight with high lumen output

Frequently, we add new products to our portfolio, and this time we have added an exclusive LED floodlight to the list. This is a new and improved version of our previous model, NS90.

NS90 is an LED floodlight of the highest quality both in terms of its construction and light quality. The luminaire reaches impressive 130 LPW with a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, which makes it one of our most energy efficient luminaires. Due to its high lumen output of 13,000-26,000, NS90 is designed for illuminating larger areas where a powerful spotlight is needed. NS90 is particularly robust and is able to handle temperatures from -40 to +50. Beyond that, the luminaire is resistant to water and dust and due to its light quality, it is suitable for TV transmissions as well. Therefore, NS90 is designed for everything from storage buildings to sporting facilities such as football fields, ice rinks and swimming facilities.

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