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New products: NS19 and NS46

20 April 2017

Lumega now expands the product portfolio of exclusive designed LED luminaires with the models NS19 and NS46.

NS19 is a high-quality LED downlight luminaire in a nice-looking minimalistic design and is available in 6 beautiful tints: gold, cobber, chrome, black, white or brushed aluminum. You can say that NS19 is revolutionary on the LED market because it is the smallest built-in spot available today. This gives to countless opportunities to create an architectonic lighting solution for example by creating a nice starry sky in the ceiling. Despite its small size, NS19 doesn’t compromise when it comes to light intensity and quality.

NS46 is a particularly powerful ceiling mounted luminaire which is capable of lighting up a room with a floor-to-ceiling height as high as 12 meters. This model is specially designed for rooms with a floor-to-ceiling height on more than 4 meters due to the extremely powerful light of this luminaire. NS46 is the perfect replacement of traditional lighting sources including halogen lighting sources because NS46 can reduce your electricity bill with up to 60 % compared to halogen lamps.

You are welcome to contact us if you have further questions in relation to the advantages of LED or our new products.

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