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Nordisk Film Event

13 August 2019

When the newest Fast & Furious – Hobbs and Shaw – premiered in Imperial, Lumega had been invited by Nordisk Film to bring a racing car, motorcycle and Lamborghini as warm-up before the movie.

It might seem super easy to get the cars inside the cinema, but it took far more time than expected. You could clearly hear bangs from the exhaust and flames. Nevertheless, it drew a lot of attention from people outside and inside the cinema, and gave the right atmosphere with good lighting which exposed the vehicles perfectly.

The cinema manager briefly introduced the movie and the team at Lumega watched Fast & Furious in beautiful surroundings. Afterwards, our CEO Rune drove the KTM out of the cinema, where the admirable gaze of the guests was not to hide.

Why Be A Part of An Event Like This?

Although people call us nerds, specialists or LED experts, we gladly attend to a successful event like this. We are passionate about creating value and give people a different experience. We contribute if we can, and appreciate working with companies who think out of the box – as Nordisk Film did with this premiere night!