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Professional LED solutions by Lumega

30 June 2013

LED or the light-emitting diode is one of the today’s most energy-saving and quick-developing lighting innovations. LED lighting is right now accessible in a wide assortment of home and mechanical items, and the list is developing each year. The fast advancement of LED innovation prompts more items and enhanced manufacturing productivity, which likewise brings about lower costs.

Lumega offers innovative and energy-saving LED lamps as LEDs are the most recent and exciting mechanical advancement in the lighting business. Lumega was established in 2013 by Rune S. Larsen and is situated in the north Copenhagen. The CEO of Lumega, Rune S. Larsen’s experience with studies in the China and USA has given the foundation of numerous extraordinary contacts for the organization. This has prompted an arrangement of the right segments which empower the best LED lighting fittings available today. The objective of Lumega is to make manageable lights of high quality while taking care of the developing demand for green solutions in the development area. It is the reason they make their own particular luminaries, composed with a particular focus on the client.

Lumega offers both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as free proficient lighting plans in order to help their customers spare energy and in addition cash on the energy utilization. Furthermore, they also offer appealing leasing agreements. This agreement can be very appealing to the client who does not have enough money to change the whole lighting arrangement, yet at the same time wishes to change to LED lighting. The leasing agreement can beneficially be joined with Lumega’s Turnkey arrangement, where Lumega controls the maintenance and deals with the whole lighting arrangement.

Lumega is a group of artisans characterizing the quality of light and providing energy-saving LED solutions for the clients to experience numerous advantages.

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