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Strategy days at Lumega

02 January 2023

Between Christmas and New Year, Lumega always has strategy days. These few days are essential to get to know the road ahead, the company and the customers. The strategy days are always in close dialogue with foreign distributors, agents and especially our freelancers who work remotely.

The market has changed

Many companies have acquired the perception of a market which changes steadily in line with the world situation. It is extremely difficult to predict how the market will move in 2022. Several of our customers, especially electrical installers, have seen themselves undercutting each other. From what we hear, it is by now a matter of course that some projects break even and the only profit is extra work. There is no doubt that 2023 will cause a stir, because new construction has stalled.

Statistics speak for themselves

Together with KPIs from ‘Byggefakta’ and other partners who monitor construction projects in Scandinavia, this is clear. Many projects are postponed or cancelled. This means that new projects will be difficult to find. With a more intense market, the competition among the subcontractors will increase enormously. It has thus become a struggle to get enough work, rather than to do good business on most cases.

Lumega strategy planning

At Lumega, we strongly believe in close collaborations. Especially strategic collaborations. It is important that we in the team manage to be positive almost every day of the year. It requires more than just a single day. Therefore we got hold of Claus Roager, who is mostly known for ‘Enneagramstedet’. The first day passed with Claus getting to know us better and we got to know each other together. Good communication are crucial for a good working environment. After his exciting presentation, we were put together in groups and briefed for the following day, when the strategy for 2023 was to be laid out.

Day 2 started out with strategy planning in groups. Our foreign agents and distributors participated on teams. We had also received in-depth strategic planning from our Chinese office and its 6 employees and our freelancers.

Together we create success in 2023

There is no doubt that we have managed to set up a sensible strategy for 2023. There are some massive goals. With our strong team, an existing good customer base and the new customer segments we are opening up to, we can look into 2023 with great enthusiasm.

We cannot go into details of the strategy planning here, but one of the many points goes to EPD. Knowing about a product’s life cycle and its CO2 impact will have a big impact on future projects that run under DGNB or other certifications for sustainable construction. We expect to have more on this part soon.

Plenty of you have probably encountered Lumega Home. This is an exciting area and now it is gaining momentum. In 2023, Lumega Home will show some very unique homemade designs. We can boast a crazy good team of engineers, product designers and, not least, a production environment that can really deliver a finish that even the biggest brands will notice.

In addition, we have Luxega, which has let itself wait. This is street lighting. Here we have waited with an official launch due to covid19. We are ready and expect a very clear announcement about the official market entry. With these words, we look forward to an exciting 2023. Thank you to our customers, our close business partners and to a very happy reunion in 2023.