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The CEO of Lumega on a business trip to Dubai

05 October 2017

The CEO of Lumega, Rune Larsen, has just returned after a longer business trip to Dubai. The aim of the business trip was to explore the opportunities for Lumega in relation to entering projects at this attractive middle eastern market.

Luemga operates both in Denmark and internationally, and in collaboration with local developers, we have installed saving cost-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solutions in several projects in for example the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Norway. The business trip to Dubai is a part of a larger strategy to screen and expand Lumega’s activities at attractive international markets. After Rune Larsen came home from the business trip we asked him about the purpose and the results of the trip.

What was the purpose of the business trip to Dubai?
“The goal was to achieve further knowledge of how the lighting market works in Dubai. Furthermore the purpose was to expose our product to various segments. Also, I discussed a possible future distribution agreement with a local distributor.”

What are the results of the business trip for Lumega?
“The results are quite good. Several of the meetings lead to concrete projects which we could bed on. In general, Lumega Group was received very well in Dubai and the people I talked to consider the company trustworthy, which is crucial especially in the Middle East.

How do you do business in Dubai? Which cultural differences should you be aware of?
“In Dubai many nationalities are represented and therefore there is no easy question to that question. I met people from many different cultures, including people from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and from Iran. Also, there are many Europeans living in Dubai, which may surprise some. In general, I believe that the most important thing is to be yourself and to be as humble and polite as possible.

In this video from Rune Larsen’s video blog, the Entrepreneur Behind the Scenes, you can learn more about how the business trip to Dubai went: