Welcome to our new website

2018 is equal to new year’s resolutions and changes and after several months of hard work, we are now proud to announce the launch our new website.

Our website has gone through an extreme makeover, so the visual expression now matches the high quality of our products. Additionally, we have added multiple new functions for the benefit of both current and future customers.

Apart from our own LED products, it is now possible to buy products from other manufacturers through our Onestop solution. Onestop is for those of our customers who want a complete solution to their lighting project. This means, that we can guarantee always to be able to provide one overall solution regardless of the size of the project.

Moreover, our new website comes with a login for regular clients such as for example distributors and electricians, who thereby gain access to even more favourable prices.

We value your opinion
Please contact us if you have questions or feedback regarding our new website or if you have suggestions for new relevant blog posts.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you!