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The energy efficient light bulbs of LED technology, function as replacements for traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs. Let Lumega be your supplier of LED products, and expect the highest quality and nothing less.

In comparison to LEDs, the light quality of traditional lighting sources, like e.g. the incandescent bulb or the fluorescent tube, is horrible. LED products do often offer a great variety of options when it comes to colour temperature, brightness and diffusion. Commercial and industrial customers do often prefer cold colour temperatures, whereas private customers primarily wants more warm colour temperatures, to create a cosy atmosphere. LED technology is by far the most flexible, most energy efficient and longest lasting lighting source available at the market right now. At Lumega, we are able to manufacture and deliver tailored LED solutions to fit all sorts of needs, to all sorts of customers. We have a great expertise in large commercial lighting projects across Europe.

We believe that the quality of light and life is closely connected and we have a deep desire to meet the increasing demand of green lighting solutions from Norwegian customers. Delivering environmentally friendly lighting products to both private and commercial customers, means making the world just a little bit greener one bulb at a time. If you are interested in saving money, getting better light quality and reduce your maintenance time/cost for good, then contact us today, either by telephone +4571995825 or via e-mail

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