Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting for outdoor use has become very popular within a short amount of time. And quite understandably, as LEDs has several benefits compared to traditional lighting sources. The outdoor working conditions could not suit a LED better, as the cool temperature makes it almost imperishable.

Park Lighting

Like all LED products, park lamps have the advantage, not only do they create a cozy atmosphere and light up a wider area they’re designed to live longer than traditional light sources, are energy-efficient and emit less CO2.

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Sports/Stadium Lighting

LED technology is the future of lighting. A large percentage of private consumers and the industry have just begun to realize its potential – LED stadium lighting has outplaced them by miles. There’s money to be saved and LED provides a much better and extraordinary light quality.

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Gas Stations Lighting

You might not put a lot of thoughts into the lighting at your local gas station – but we do, and the owner of the gas station does too, because the lighting can actually affect whether you become a customer, or just drive on to the next gas station.

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Road and Street Lighting

Many believe that the illumination required to illuminate a road must be specifically designed for this purpose. The reality is actually the opposite, as much of the lighting you see along streets and alleys is of the same type as the one you have in the kitchen.

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Residential Lighting

Manufacturing and delivering residential outdoor LED lighting is no walk in the park. People living in a residential area should be able to walk their dog in the evening, following a clearly illuminated path. But while the fixtures should be powerful, they should also be energy-saving and robust.

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Lumega is also delivering lighting for other segments

Outdoor Lighting - Not only One Purpose

The LEDs do not just have a specific purpose but can be used for what you need. Maybe you want a beautiful and subdued lighting in outdoor spaces or lighting at construction areas? Nevertheless, the purpose LED will ensure longer life span, much higher quality of the light and lower maintenance costs and who wouldn’t save up to 70% on electricity?

Lumega has the right solution for your lighting needs and we’re with you all the way!

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

Outdoor LED lighting can serve many purposes. The LEDs can serve a decorative purpose, lighting up your terrace or garden in beautiful dimmed lighting. The only true downside to lighting up your garden with decorative LEDs is the risk of making the neighbors jealous. Exterior LED lighting fixtures can also serve a strict functioning purpose, by lighting up a construction site or a working shed. But no matter what purpose the LEDs can serve for you, Lumega lighting has the right exterior LED solution for you. Replacing your traditional lighting units outside with LEDs will ensure you an extremely long lifespan and thereby no maintenance while saving you a decent amount of money on your next electricity bill.

Of course, there are some factors you will need to consider before installing exterior LEDs. First of all, the LEDs should be held dry, either by installing it somewhere that is not exposed to water or by installing it in a watertight housing. The ruggedness is also important to consider; will the LED be exposed to shocks and vibrations, or will they be installed in ‘quiet’ surroundings. Another issue to consider is the surface temperature of the glass; if people will be when stepping on the LED lamp barefoot, it is important that the glass will not be too hot. At Lumega, we have the right solution for you and we are always happy to provide you the right guidance before your LED purchase.