NS16 is a unique LED spot with many possibilities. The many possibilities are exactly what makes NS16 unique, as it enables you to change the appearance and lighting abilities of the fixture, without having to buy a whole new fixture. NS16 is developed as one single LED module, with various options in terms of external frames that change the appearance completely. The LED module within is of the latest LED technology and is currently one of the most energy efficient LED downlight spots available on the market. The quality of the light in NS16 is equally astonishing, and it can be delivered with either a warm light, or a more neutral and white light. Being of the latest technology also means that the NS16 is one of the only LED downlight spots with a ‘Dim To Warm’ function, which gives you the possibility of altering the colour temperature e.g. from 3000K to 2200K. NS16 can be delivered with a halogen-looking lens, enabling you to precisely control the light. It can furthermore be delivered with 3 different types front glass: A honeycomb grid with a low UGR, a wall diffuser with wall-washing effect or a crystal lens giving a unique wall structure. NS16 is dimmable with DALI, 0-10V and traditional dimmers.

The aforementioned frames come in many variations. The frames give you many possibilities in terms of overall appearance. Some of the frames are developed to being built into a wall or a ceiling. Other frames have flexible heads, enabling you to tilt the fixture 30 degrees and to move the light column 355 degrees. Some frames will, like with the wall diffuser, create a wall-washing effect.




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