NS55 is a series of intelligent LED fixtures that are highly suitable for commercial and public usage, like e.g. multi-storey car parks. It is an intelligent line of fixtures, because of its ability to detect fire, movement, and theft through its connection to the Internet. The Internet connection makes the NS55 a part of the IoT (Internet of Things) of which you can read more about right here. The NS55 is a linear fixture and specifically developed to those who want the absolute best solution to their warehouse or multi-storey car park. This intelligent fixture can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, computer or a remote control, while the integrated sensor can be configured to detect various things and movements. The NS55 does, of course, hold the usual LED-benefits like low energy-usage, long lifespan and high quality of light. The integrated sensor will also contribute to a lower energy-usage, as it will be turned off when there are no detectable movements. Being a part of the IoT, the NS55 is able to communicate with other intelligent fixtures and collect information about the surroundings, like when the area of illumination is busy and how many cars there are stored etc.




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