NS23 is developed specifically to replace old, traditional T5 fluorescent tubes and is actually the first direct replacement available on the market. It can be installed directly into 230V fluorescent fixtures with G5 bases. NS23 falls into the very same retrofit product category as our popular NS20, NS21 and NS22 tubes. This magnificent T5 replacement comes in 7W that replace traditional 14W T5 tubes, and in 14W that replace traditional 28W T5 tubes. Both of these product variants can be delivered with three different colour temperatures; 3000K, 4000K and 6500K, which makes NS23 highly suitable to everything from supermarkets and warehouses, to office buildings. NS23 has the highest energy efficiency in Europe at 142lm/W, which will save you an approximate 75 % in energy usage. It also has an extra long lifespan and an incredible quality of light – and while traditional T5 fluorescent tubes are not exactly known for their robustness, the NS23 can withstand both bumps and shocks without cracking or damaging the tube.




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