Lumega have several different options when it comes to LED strips. LED strips can be used in places where the space is limited. The quality is pending on a lot of different factors. We have decided to show which factors there plays a role in our use of quality LED strips. Color temperature, color rendering, Macadam, IP rating and accessories. Aside of those the installation is also important. Aluminum profiles is essential for the stable installation there also works in many years ahead.

Color Temperature

Color rendering


IP rating

Our accessories

Item number Name Price
9900000013 OS0013 DECOFLEX60 480lm / meter €12
9900000014 OS0014 DECOFLEX120 960lm / meter €17
9900000015 OS0015 DECOFLEX120 1920lm / meter €21
9900000016 OS0016 SUPERFLEX60 1320lm / meter €19
9900000017 OS0017 SUPERFLEX60 RGBW €19
9900000018 OS0018 SUPERFLEX60 Red €19
9900000019 OS0019 SUPERFLEX72 1584lm / meter €29
9900000020 OS0020 SUPERFLEX120 2640lm / meter €31
9900000021 OS0021 EDGEFLEX60 360lm / meter €19
9900000022 OS0022 EDGEFLEX120 720lm / meter €26
9900000023 OS0023 TUNABLEWHITEFLEX60 1.320lm / meter 2700K-6000K €22
9900000024 OS0024 TUNABLEWHITEFLEX120 2.640lm / meter 2700K-6000K €33