NS16 is a unique LED spot with many possibilities. The unique feature of NS16 is that it is possible that you can change both appearance and lighting specification without having to replace the luminaire. NS16 is developed as one LED module with many different frames available for the module. The LED module of NS16 applies the very latest LED technology which means it is one of the most energy efficient downlight spots on the market. The light quality is equally as impressive as the energy efficiency and it comes with either a warm light or a more neutral and white light. The latest technology in NS16 also means that it is one of the only LED downlight spots that comes with a 'Damp to Warm' feature which allows you to change the colour temperature from, for example, 3000K to 2200K. NS16 can be delivered with a halogen-like lens that allows you to control the light very accurately. It can also be supplied with 3 different types of front glass: A 'honeycomb' glass with minimal UGR, a wall diffuser that allows you to create a wall wash effect or a crystal lens that gives a unique structure on the wall. NS16 is dimmable with DALI, 0-10V and traditional compatible dampers.

The aforementioned framework comes in many variations. The frame variety gives you many options in relation to the overall appearance and performance of the luminaire. Some of the frameworks are designed specifically for wall or ceiling mounting. Other frames are provided with flexibility which allows the head to be turned 355 degrees and tilted 30 degrees. As with the crystal lens, some of the frames have been developed to create a wall wash effect.

Item number Name Price
1622300001 NS16 LED module 13W Downlight (with frame of choice) €112
1622300002 NS16 Honey Comp for LED module 13W €3
1622300003 NS16 Driver for LED module 13W (non dimmable) €13
1622300004 NS16 Driver for LED module 13W (dimmable) €26