NS30 is an LED fixture mountable underneath the top cupboard in the kitchen. The lightning unit has a minimalist and streamlined design and the fitting ensures an attractive warm light with a broad diffusion of light, great light quality and easy handling of glare as the LEDs can be recessed back into the fixture. This provides a successful installation in the kitchen and the high light quality guarantees that food appears as realistic as possible. Extensive market research prior to the production of NS30 has resulted in a product that can match all the demands regarding quality of light, functionality and design. The product can be easily installed and put together using a connector which shuts tight between the two lightning units. As the driver is built-in, the electrician can install the product with ease and it is also legal for the end-user to install NS30. NS30 is available in 4 lengths: 300mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. The product has a three-year guarantee and is delivered as standard in aluminium but can be delivered optionally in other colours on request.

Item number Name Price
1429300011 NS30 LED Kitchen Linear 300mm 6W €53
1429300021 NS30 LED Kitchen Linear 600mm 11W €67
1429300031 NS30 LED Kitchen Linear 900mm 15W €88
1429300041 NS30 LED Kitchen Linear 1200mm 20W €106