NS33 is an LED lightning unit which can be used underneath the top cupboard in the kitchen. The product has an exclusive and minimalistic design and can be used where the classic, round lightning units are not wanted. NS33 has a nice, warm light with a broad diffusion of light, great light quality, and easy handling of glare as diffusors is placed in front of the LEDs. This ensures a successful installation in the kitchen and the great light quality guarantees that foods appear as realistic as possible. Extensive market research prior to the production of NS33 has resulted in a product which can match all demands regarding quality of light, functionality and design. The product is delivered with a master and slaves. A touch button is placed on the master, which enables the light to be controlled without a switch on the wall. The installation of NS33 is easy and the product can be delivered with a given amount of meters of wire to each lamp. Direct installation can happen to the enclosed driver which can be placed in or over the top cupboard or in the holder. NS33 has a three-year guarantee and comes in round or square form, in the colors; white or black.

Item number Name Price
1629300011 NS33 LED Kitchen lamp square 3,6W (not incl. driver) €46
1629300021 NS33 LED Kitchen lamp round 3,6W (not incl. driver) €46
1629300031 NS33 LED driver constant voltage 12Vdc Load 30W with 6-socket box €28