NS45 is an energy efficient and highly durable LED lamp to mount on the wall or ceiling. The energy efficiency of 135 lm/W is obtained through a Nichia LED module, that guarantees you incredible energy savings ranging between 45 % and 70 % compared to a traditional fluorescent tube. The durability and overall resilience of the NS45 makes it capable of resisting rough environments and vandalism. Its durability makes it the obvious choice for parking garages, staircases or hallways. It is also waterproof, which is why it can also be installed in outdoor environments. The installation itself is relatively easy and it can be delivered with an intelligent sensor making it even more energy efficient. It is also dimmable with the majority of dimmers available on the market right now. You can receive your NS45 in white, black or silver and we provide an extraordinary guarantee of five years.

Item number Name Price
3116200010 NS45 LED 40W without sensor €297
3116200011 NS45 LED 40W with sensor €380
3116200020 NS45 LED 60W without sensor €297
3116200021 NS45 LED 60W with sensor €380