NS57 is a quality LED luminaire with a minimalistic and neutral design. The product is of the highest quality both in relation to the linear luminaire’s construction and lighting quality. With NS57 it is possible to achieve quality lighting inside for example car parks and it is also possible to choose between attaching NS57 directly onto the ceiling or to hang it from a wire. NS57 is an extremely robust lamp and can be applied in industrial environments without getting damaged. Characteristic for NS57 is the lamp’s attractive, consistent lighting, which according to scientific studies can improve the well-being of humans. The technology behind the LED luminaire ensures you do not see the small LEDs but a continuous, luminous line of neutral lighting. NS57 comes in three sizes including 600, 1200 and 1500mm.

The unique quality of NS57 is that it is extremely effortless to install this linear luminaire. NS57’s cables are developed as plug and play and because of this the electrician does not have to open the luminaire and install the cables - instead he simply has to click them on the luminaire. Thanks to the quick and easy installation it is possible to save a lot of money because the working time of the electrician is reduced and the installation time can be reduced by up to 40 %. The lamp can be delivered with a sensor which can be clicked directly onto the luminaire. The sensor has a capacity of 400W and enables the light to be dimmed to for example 20 % or 50 % when there is no activity in, for example, the car park. This smart sensor can help you achieve energy cost savings as well as almost eliminate the maintenance of the lighting solution. Furthermore, the price of NS57 is competitive and this LED luminaire can compete with traditional lighting tube solutions.

Item number Name Price
3224300010 NS57 LED Linear 600mm 18W 2.520lm €97
3224300020 NS57 LED Linear 1200mm 20W 2.800lm €125
3224300030 NS57 LED Linear 1200mm 30W 4.200lm €125
3224300040 NS57 LED Linear 1500mm 35W 4.900lm €137
3224300050 NS57 Sensor for 400W load €29
3224300060 NS57 Wire 1.2 meter €7.4
3224300070 NS57 Wire 3.0 meter €12
3224300080 NS57 Power cable 20 cm €4
3224300090 NS57 Power cable 50 cm €4.5
3224300100 NS57 Power cable 100 cm €5
3224300110 NS57 Power cable 300 cm €8