NS57 – Smart Linear Lighting for Parking Areas

The NS57 is arguably the most elegant lighting solution for parking areas. It has a very narrow design and has an amazing ability to spread the light in its opal front glass. The lamp is available in many different wattages and thus lumen packages. It can be designed into the project so the same design is kept throughout the parking area. The NS57 may be wired, but an important detail is the installation does not take place inside the luminaire. It comes with cables. Plugs that allow you to save up to 30% working time. However, it may present some challenges if a traditional installation where looping in the luminaire is required. The NS57 is normally used with a lamp outlet or a junction box. That said, the NS57 will be able to bring light to the parking areas like no other LED lamps can - and of course provide the huge energy savings, which can be even greater if the corridor sensor is installed. This causes the light to dim down to 30% if there is no movement - by movement the light will return to 100% again. The NS57 can either be hung in wire or mounted.

LCP Lumega Custom Program allows you to order this lamp with the following custom specifications that will be agreed before project start:

  • System efficiency 140 lm / W
  • CRI values from 80
  • CCT values 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • MacAdam SDCM 3
  • Lifetime can be adjusted by using different LEDs (contact for options)
  • Dimming options are DALI or motion sensor with corridor function

Item number Name Price
3224300010 NS57 LED Linear 600mm 18W 2.520lm €54
3224300020 NS57 LED Linear 1200mm 20W 2.800lm €106
3224300030 NS57 LED Linear 1200mm 30W 4.200lm €112
3224300040 NS57 LED Linear 1500mm 35W 4.900lm €151
3224300050 NS57 Sensor for 400W load €29
3224300060 NS57 Wire 1.2 meter €7.4
3224300070 NS57 Wire 3.0 meter €12
3224300080 NS57 Power cable 20 cm €4
3224300090 NS57 Power cable 50 cm €4.5
3224300100 NS57 Power cable 100 cm €5
3224300110 NS57 Power cable 300 cm €8