NS61 gives you the greatest achievable energy savings in an office or school. There is an integrated daylight sensor, motion sensor and receiver in each lamp. Thus, we are dealing with a lamp which has all the functions of one unit. No external daylight sensors are needed. The NS61 runs as a master and by default cannot communicate between each other. Different scenarios can be created in the programming, which is administrated via a remote control and this give the lamps a synchronous dimming. The NS61 can, if desired, come with a different type of sensor that can "talk" with the other lamps, but this is not necessarily an advantage in all situations. If this is chosen, the optimal energy saving will disappear, since this is a master / slave relationship and thus not only the master relationship. Lumega can help with what is best for the various buildings and is always available with lighting design.

LCP Lumega Custom Program allows you to order this lamp with the following custom specifications that will be agreed before project start:

  • System efficiency from 122 - 140 lm / W
  • CRI values from 80 - 90
  • CCT values 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • MacAdam SDCM 3
  • Lifetime can be adjusted by using different LEDs (contact for options)
  • Dimming options are internal to the lamp wirelessly
Item number Name Price
3522300110 NS61 LED Panel Light Helvar Intelligent system 595x595 35W 122 lm/W CRI80 3000K €249