NS62 is a pendant linear LED luminaire perfect for offices, conference rooms, hotels, schools or the like. The thin linear luminaire is designed with a 270-degree beam angle, and emits the light respectively 60 % upward and 40 & downward. The up/down light emission creates an optimal working environment in the room it is mounted. NS62 is packed with new LED technology, which means that the luminosity and colour rendering index is high, while the energy usage is kept low. If you replace a traditional fluorescent luminaire with NS62 you will obtain energy-savings up to an incredible 80 %. The luminaire is produced without environmentally toxic materials and emits no UV or IR radiation. NS62 is an indoor luminaire in an elegant design suitable for any office workspace.

Item number Name Price
4027300001 NS62 Pendant Luminaire, IP40, 20W €185
4024300001 NS62 Pendant Luminaire, IP40, 30W €205
4024300001 NS62 Pendant Luminaire, IP40, 45W €238