NS64 is a powerful pendant fixture that is very suitable for sports halls, warehouses, supermarkets, arrival halls, production facilities and many more. The traditional source of lighting at these locations are typically fluorescent tubes, which are no competition to our NS64, as it will be up to 60 % more energy-efficient. This outstanding energy efficiency is secured with the Philips Lumileds LEDs that we use in the NS64. The lifespan of traditional fluorescent tubes is not a match for our NS64, as the high quality of Philips LEDs is ensures an incredible 75,000-hour lifespan. The fixture is suspended from the ceiling by a wire, which means that high ceilings up to 25 metres are no problem – it will just require a longer wire. The NS64 is very robust and durable in environments ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius. The NS64 comes in 8 different product variations, all delivered with a transparent PC diffuser in the front and with the possibility of integrated emergency lighting.

Item number Name Price
3127300010 NS64 Linear Highbay 100W €538
3127300020 NS64 Linear Highbay 150W €581
3127300030 NS64 Linear Highbay 200W €662
3127300040 NS64 Linear Highbay 300W €930