The NS66 is a unique lamp with a warm and indirect light, which can be mounted on the wall as well as on the ceiling. If mounted on the ceiling, the lamp will give a ‘wall washer’ effect if pointed towards a bare wall, meaning that the entire wall will be ‘washed’ in light. The wall washer effect makes any given room open up, which is enabled by the highly advanced reflector technology. In terms of the lighting itself, the light from the NS66 can be explained as ergonomic. The NS66 provides you with an astonishing quality of light, without compromising the energy-savings, which can be as high as 85 % compared to traditional halogen lamps. The lifespan will furthermore be six times longer than a metal halide lamp.

Item number Name Price
1624300002 LED wall washing luminaire 30W CRI90+ 3000K €235