NS70 – Track Spot for Shop Lighting

The NS70 is one of our oldest lamps. It probably possesses the most neutral look a track spot can possess. The lamp is distinguished by its good reflector technology, which is perfect for shops with clothes or shoes. There is really a lot of light coming from the lamp and with the different scattering angles, a wide variety of flows can be created in the store, so sales can increase further. The NS70 comes with the traditional GLOBAL 3-phase adapter, which sits in many places. That’s why it is a good solution if your store's lighting consists of metal halide lamps and the desire had to be energy savings of up to 60%.

LCP Lumega Custom Program allows you to order this lamp with the following custom specifications that are agreed upon before project start:

  • System efficiency 100 - 130 lm / W
  • CRI values from 80 - 90
  • CCT values 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • Macadam SDCM 2 - 3
  • Lifetime can be adjusted by using different LEDs (contact for options)
  • Dimming options are DALI or 1-10V dimmer

Item number Name Price
2128300001 NS70 LED Track Light, 12W, CRI90+, 3000K €80
2128300001 NS70 LED Track Light, 25W, CRI90+, 3000K €102
2128300001 NS70 LED Track Light, 35W, CRI90+, 3000K €121
2128300001 NS70 LED Track Light, 45W, CRI90+, 3000K €134