In terms of installation, the NS74 belongs to a concept of its own. A black linear box is installed in the ceiling, after which the fixture can be placed according to your needs, as the base of the lamp is magnetic. The exceptionality does not end there though, the NS74 has an astonishing quality of light. As a matte black fixture with a matte black magnetic box, the NS74 simply disappears in the ceiling. This makes it a preferred fixture among clothing shops, restaurants, and hotels. The lamp is flexible and because of the magnetic feature, easily moveable. We customise the dimension the NS74 to fit your individual needs. Compared to metal halide lamps this product will save you 40-60 % in electricity, and five times longer lifespan.

Item number Name Price
1628300001 NS74 LED spotlight 13W €143
1628300002 NS74 LED spotlight 25W €176