NS76 is the little brother to our exclusive and popular NS75 track system. This structural association simply means that the NS76 is just as exclusive, flexible and easy to install as the NS75 but slimmer and more suitable to smaller lighting projects. As soon as the tracks are installed it is a complete plug-and-play system enabling you to relocate fixtures and have a fully flexible track solution. The spotlight fixture developed for the NS76 tracks has a small yet highly important button on the side. With just one click, this button changes the diffusion of the light within the spotlight fixture. NS76 is therefore not only a flexible solution in terms of relocating fixtures, but also flexible in terms of light diffusion. If you are illuminating a clothing display for example, a wide diffusion is required to ensure an even amount of light is distributed on each item of clothing. Jewellery on the other hand can benefit from a more narrow diffusion of light to make certain products stand out from others. NS76 is so slim that it is highly suitable to install in or under cabinets and shelf fronts. It will efficiently illuminate products without any visible fixtures, making it a discreet yet also an exclusive LED lighting solution for the retail industry.

Item number Name Price
1628300210 NS76 Linear light 1510.023A 1W 100mm 80lm €25
1628300211 NS76 Linear light 1510.023B 4W 300mm 320lm €32
1628300212 NS76 Linear light 1510.023C 8W 600mm 640lm €44
1628300213 NS76 Spot 1619.200 1W 50-70lm €44
1628300214 NS76 Spot 1619.205 2.5W 210lm €52
1628300215 NS76 Power Track RW-610 1 meter €30
1628300216 NS76 Power Track RW-620 2 meter €52
1628300217 NS76 Power Track RW-630 3 meter €76
1628300218 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 1 meter €22
1628300219 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 2 meter €44
1628300220 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 3 meter €72
1628300221 NS76 Track live cable plug/wires (power) €4
1628300222 NS76 Track connection between 15,30,60 cm (power) €4
1628300223 NS76 Track power supply 15W 24VDC €14
1628300224 NS76 Track power supply 30W 24VDC €20
1628300225 NS76 Track power supply 60W 24VDC €30
1628300226 NS76 Track power supply 150W 24VDC €79
1628300227 NS76 Track power supply 240W 24VDC €94