NS76 – Cabinet Retail Lighting

NS76 is the desire scenario for a jeweller, clothing store or other places where integrated detail lighting is desired. Here, a rail is mounted, after which small spots, line fixtures or aperture covers are clicked. The lighting products mentioned are not powerful, meaning cabinet lighting and mounted lighting are in focus. This is not a powerful spot or line lighting. That said, the NS76 is a phenomenal flood lighting solution that gives the rooms and products a very special touch. The NS76 requires clear guidance throughout the process. Lumega's lighting designers help with the unique solution for your premises.

LCP Lumega Custom Program allows you to order this lamp with the following custom specifications that will be agreed before project start:

  • System efficiency 80 lm / W
  • CRI values from 90 - 95
  • CCT values 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • MacAdam SDCM 2 - 3
  • Lifetime can be adjusted by using different LEDs (contact for options)
  • Dimming options are DALI or 1-10V dimmer

Item number Name Price
1628300210 NS76 Linear light 1510.023A 1W 100mm 80lm €35
1628300211 NS76 Linear light 1510.023B 4W 300mm 320lm €42
1628300212 NS76 Linear light 1510.023C 8W 600mm 640lm €54
1628300213 NS76 Spot 1619.200 1W 50-70lm €54
1628300214 NS76 Spot 1619.205 2.5W 210lm €62
1628300215 NS76 Power Track RW-610 1 meter €31
1628300216 NS76 Power Track RW-620 2 meter €46
1628300217 NS76 Power Track RW-630 3 meter €62
1628300218 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 1 meter €23
1628300219 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 2 meter €35
1628300220 NS76 Track profile recessed, ceiling mounted, angle version 3 meter €50
1628300221 NS76 Track live cable plug/wires (power) €8
1628300222 NS76 Track connection between 15,30,60 cm (power) €8
1628300223 NS76 Track power supply 15W 24VDC €16
1628300224 NS76 Track power supply 30W 24VDC €22
1628300225 NS76 Track power supply 60W 24VDC €32
1628300226 NS76 Track power supply 150W 24VDC €68
1628300227 NS76 Track power supply 240W 24VDC €85