NS77 is a versatile LED downlight fixture with a number of options and an amazing lighting capability. With lighting capability we mean an outstanding quality of light at a comfortable colour temperature of 3000K. The colour-rendering index is kept above 90, ensuring a realistic rendering of the room and objects illuminated by the NS76. The quality of light is in no way compromised by dimmers, as the NS77 is developed to be dimmed nice and effectively with DALI, 1-10V or Triac dimming. The fixture is highly flexible, which means that you can turn the light column 355 degrees around it self and even tilt it to 86 degrees. NS77 can be delivered with several accessories; a striped front glass, a honeycomb louver, a diffusion sheet and barn doors. These accessories are mounted onto the fixture enabling you to easily re-arrange the lighting. As with any other Lumega LED product, you are ensured a long lifespan and good energy efficiency.

Item number Name Price
1628300011 NS77 LED Track Light 13W €106
1628300012 NS77 LED Track Light 26W €145
1628300013 NS77 LED Track Light 40W €187
1628300014 NS77 LED Surface mounted Light 13W €112
1628300015 NS77 LED Surface mounted Light 26W €129
1628300016 NS77 LED Surface mounted Light 40W €171