The NS85 is a beautiful bollard lamp which is developed with a unique reflector technique that prevents blinding and ensures that the lamp only illuminates the desired area. The lamp does also include an integrated effective LED module which can be replaced. As a lamp primarily intended for public use, the NS85 is extremely robust and consequently capable of resisting vandalism. Like each one of our products, the NS85 is a highly energy-efficient lamp. However with the integrated motion sensor, which is a possible add-on, the NS85 becomes a high energy-saving installation. With the integrated motion sensor, the lamp will emit a dimmed 20 % of light when no motion is registered and instantly provide full capacity light when activity is registered in the area. The NS85 is delivered with an anchor which keeps the lamp steadily mounted on the ground.

Item number Name Price
3416200001 NS85 Bollard 15W IP65 €435