NS86 - LED Bollard Lighting in Wood

NS86 was developed because we couldn't find bollards made of solid wood. Then the first lines were laid and today NS86 is definitely not a bestseller, but is used in more exclusive projects where the desire is a more unique solution rather than just the usual bollard installation. Mounting takes place with bolts. It has no anchor, so bolts must either be drilled into a concrete block, wood or asphalt. The light source consists of GU10, which was a requirement because the heat generation had to be kept low.

LCP Lumega Custom Program allows you to order this lamp with the following custom specifications that are agreed upon before project start:

  • System efficiency 87 lm / W (depends on the GU10 light source)
  • CRI values from 80 - 95
  • CCT values 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • MacAdam SDCM 3 - 4
  • The service life depends on the GU10 light source
  • Dimming options depend on the GU10 light source

Item number Name Price
3416200002 NS86 Wood Bollard 8.5W IP65 €627