NS90 is an exclusive LED spotlight and it gives an impressive and intense spotlight. The product is of the highest quality both in relation to the luminaire’s construction and lighting quality. The spotlight system’s minimalistic design and discrete, black color enable you to use NS90 in most situations where a powerful quality spotlight is needed. As one of the only lamps on the market, NS90 is approved as lighting which can be used under extreme circumstances and this involves exposure to salt, chlorine, and dust. Being this robust, NS90 is suitable as the lighting of for example swimming pools and warehouses as well as larger outdoor spaces including for example smaller stadiums and harbor areas. The quality lenses of NS90 secures that the lighting is directed exactly in the desired direction. With this product, you will not experience any flickering and this enables NS90 to be used for television transmissions of for example a football stadium. The product’s flexible light dimming system gives a unique comfort because it is possible to dim the light in several intervals. With NS90’s DALI system you can achieve an energy cost reduction of more than 60 % compared to metal halide lamps. Operates from -40 to + 50 degree C.

Item number Name Price
3112200010 NS90 LED Floodlight 100W €715
3112200010 NS90 LED Floodlight 150W €766
3112200010 NS90 LED Floodlight 200W €830