OS0050 is a powerful and robust high bay luminaire that is highly suitable for warehouses or similar, where the ceilings are high and heavy-duty lighting is needed. With lumen outputs ranging from 14.000lm to 21.000lm and 28.000lm the OS0050 makes the perfect substitute to traditional metal halide lamps. This heavy-duty luminaire produces with a high quality of light and with an energy efficiency of 140lm/w.

Item number Name Price
3126300001 OS0050 High Bay 100W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €335.95
3126300002 OS0050 High Bay 150W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €389.46
3126300003 OS0050 High Bay 200W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €504.19
3126300011 OS0050 High Bay Reflector Aluminum 60dg or 90dg or Acrylic 70dg €41.49