OS0050 – LED High Bay Lighting

This is a really energy efficient lamp, which is very useful in rooms where there is more than 4 meters to the ceiling. It can be supplied with steel reflector, but as white paint and with acrylic reflector it can be used in showrooms and other larger rooms. Various types of light dimming are available.

Item number Name Price
3126300001 OS0050 High Bay 100W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €320.23
3126300002 OS0050 High Bay 150W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €366.70
3126300003 OS0050 High Bay 200W IP65 CRI80+ 4000K €408.62
3126300011 OS0050 High Bay Reflector Aluminum 60dg or 90dg or Acrylic 70dg €41.12