OS0070 - Bulk Head LED with Wireless Sensor

The plafond lamp offers a modest design. It is available with master / slave sensor. This allows the lamps to communicate with each other - even if there is only F, N and earth brought forward. The wireless signal can be set up in such a way that the master transmits the signal to the slaves. However, the slaves cannot send a signal to the masters. Therefore, when designing, more masters may be needed than initially intended. The range is up to 30 meters in the open air and there is a maximum number of lamps of 50 lamps (slaves) - connected to a master unit. Installation is easy and looping is possible.

Item number Name Price
9900000070 OS0070 9W €802
9900000070 OS0070 15W €1210
9900000070 OS0070 30W €1827